Why We Exist

Our first episode delves into why we are doing this podcast. Simon, the alleged movie expert, tries to open Omar’s eyes to watching film. Omar is a unicorn, in that he is one of few people that watches film.

Simon starts by talking about his favourite movie, Taxi Driver, and how it gave him a positive perspective to life. Then a neat analogy between books and films is described, which is followed by Omar summarizing in a clueless manner the movies he has watched. The podcast then gets “emotional” as Omar recalls a haunting experience that might have dissuaded him from movies. Finally, an argument ensues on who is going to run the Twitter account!

Episode Length

16 minutes, 50 seconds

Recording Note

We are new at this, so our audio quality might be a bit below par. Major parts of this episode and the next’s recording took place in an echoey room; we have fixed this by going to a room with less echo, and hopefully, that becomes obvious in Episode 3!

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